Give Back With These 3 Thanksgiving Charities in Mississippi


This week is Thanksgiving, a holiday famous for food, family and… philanthropy? Absolutely! In fact, I’d argue that the last phonetic F in this holiday trio can be the most valuable of all.

The point of Thanksgiving is to give thanks for all of the wonderful things in our lives. An essential part of this is acknowledging how lucky we are to be blessed with families that care, shelter over our heads, and food to enjoy alongside the ones we love most — even if they do drive us crazy sometimes. We often take simple things for granted, while there are many people out there without family let alone cranberry sauce.

For those that want to extend their Thanksgiving celebration to those less fortunate, there are so many charities out there to help you do just that. I’ve compiled a short list of the ones in my state of Mississippi as an example of causes to choose from.

Note: For some of these, volunteer applications are required weeks in advance. Remember this for next year!!


This nonprofit is located right in my hometown of Jackson, Mississippi. Operating since 1981, Stewpot is unique in that it offers a hot meal to anyone, 365 days a year, no questions asked. This November Stewpot participated in a daylong turkey drive along with iHeartRadio to encourage food donations. They have a food pantry and community kitchen open to donations and volunteers, as well as a “Meals on Wheels” initiative that delivers hot meals to elderly and disabled folks that can’t make it to lunch at Stewpot.

Gulf Coast Rescue Mission

This nonprofit in Biloxi, MS is planning a free Thanksgiving meal on premises, where they will be serving meals to the public between 12pm and 4pm — the latest of their annual feasts. Volunteers need only show up by 11:30. As for food, the mission is welcoming extra hams, turkeys, cornbread, potatoes, yams, stuffing, veggies, rolls and desserts — basically just about anything you’ve got could be put to great use.

Mississippi Food Network

If you’re more comfortable donating via check, you can get meals to the needy that way too. The Mississippi Food Network (MFN) accepts donations of all sizes and tells you how many meals your money will account for. Because every $1 accounts for an entire seven meals, a tiny $10 can feed seventy, and $100, 700. Now that’s a rewarding use of finances. MFN distributes food to 150,000 people a month, or 1.8 million a year.

Elizabeth Creekmore is a philanthropist, humanitarian, mother and Southern culture enthusiast located in Jackson, Mississippi.

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Elizabeth Creekmore is a philanthropist, humanitarian, mother and Southern culture enthusiast located in Jackson, Mississippi.